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BYP Overseas International is a group of 4 companies dedicated to the production of apparel products, specializing in knit garments. Our company has experienced remarkable growth and diversification since its establishment in 1989. We have integrated in our infrastructure all manufacturing stages that allow us to provide direct, CMT and full package contracts.

Our employees and specialized staff guarantee the required quality standards and output needed.

Cross-trained operators, a well trained technical staff and a modular production system have allowed our company to become versatile and flexible. Prestigious brand names are among our clients, who are confident that they have a reliable source for their production needs – based on the highest level of quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery and great ability to adapt to their needs.

The companies of the group are regularly audited by labor and safety compliance inspectors. Our facilities are currently rated as Low Risk at all locations. The companies comply with OSHA regulations in all areas, including safety and emergency evacuation procedures.


We are proud to say that our facilities are WRAP certified.

Clients who have trusted us