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BYP Overseas International coordinates the group’s efforts to offer full package and CMT solutions to our customer needs. Relying on strategic alliances to source fabric and trim, our company is able to quote on orders at competitive prices.


B.Y P. Cutting & Distribution Center

Provides both automatic and manual cutting services, straight and bias cut binding, patterns design, marker making and plotting.

Detailed Information

No. Employees: 64
Facility Area (Sq. Ft): 32.195
Weekly Production (Dozens) 52.000
Years of Operation: 14

B.Y.P. Sewing

Is a sewing and packaging facility specializing on ladies panties, tops, gowns, robes, sports bras, boxer shorts, A-shirts, baby wear, kids sleepwear, men’s briefs, t-shirts, fleece tops, fleece bottoms and woven boxer shorts.

Detailed Information

No. Employees: 741
Facility Area (Sq. Ft): 73.000
Weekly Production (Dozens) 52.800
Number of Sewing Machines: 450
Years of Operation: 25

Quality Elastics Limited Dominicana

QEL-LOGOIs a narrow fabrics manufacturing facility specializing on knitted elastics and bandages.

Detailed Information

No. Employees: 138
Facility Area (Sq. Ft): 32.800
Weekly Production (units) 190.000 (elastic bandages)
Number of Knitting Machines: 37
Years of Operation: 15

Tie Dye

Is a dyeing facility specialized in tie dye & dip dye. The process of tie-dye consists of folding, twisting, pleating, or dumpling fabric and binding with rubber bands, followed by application of dye(s).

Detailed Information

No. Employees: 48
Facility Area (Sq. Ft): 27.242
Weekly Production (Dozens) 5.000
Years of Operation: 2